Monday, June 1, 2009

Eventful week

This past week was slow in terms of classes, but I was still quite occupied.

On Monday one of the students from the dorm, one who is in my 9E class came to the door and wanted to visit. I explained I was doing laundry and was going to pack some of my things, and she eagerly agreed to help. We had a fun time getting out the suitcases, wrapping the ceramics inside clothing and placing all of that into the wicker shopping basket and fitting the whole bundle inside the suitcase. We ended our time with a few hands of cards -- I have taught them very basic games: crazy 8 and kings in the corner.

On Tuesday I was to meet with my two after school students, but only one could make it. So, we talked for a while and then played Scrabble. She loved it and we had a good time and we have made arrangements to go to pizza next week as it will be our last week together. We also did the s'mores after dinner on Tuesday. (see earlier post)

The roses are in full, beautiful blooms all over the campus. The maintenance guys were trimming the bushes, cutting off the dead blooms, etc., and I tried to get one of the roses that they thought was too far gone to stay on the bushes. Instead, the maintenance guy insisted on cutting me roses in good condition for my own bouquet and I ended up with a bouquest of 6 different colored roses. It's the little things in life....

I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned on Thursday. Baboosh's husband went with me since he is out of work right now and speaks English. The dentist herself cleaned my teeth but there was an assistant there as well. The assistant is the mother of one of the boys in my 9E class, and he told me in advance that his mother worked there. So, I made sure to tell her that her son is a good student (he really is). I will go back tomorrow to have a small "hole" filled. Hope it is not too painful - haven't had a filling done in about 20 years!

On Wednesday, I went to Judit's house for dinner again. I met her daughter Judit here at the school and we walked to her house. I really enjoy talking with daughter Judit and her husband, Laszlo. Laszlo told me about some nearby castles and mansions and also explained that there are a number of music festivals throughout the summer. He ended by giving me two CD's of classical music from one of the festivals. Have yet to listen to it. While I was there, my cell phone rang, but there was no name, so I did not answer it. When I got back to the school, there were about 6 kids sitting outside my door, wanting to know where I had been and why I did not answer my phone!!!

I have been playing Scrabble and/or cards with students almost every afternoon or evening. They have had a lot of exams the last few weeks, so I always make sure they don't need to be studying. Some of them just come out and play one hand of cards and go back into the dorm to study. I had a weaker student from one of my 11A classes join in on a scrabble game one evening and she won! She was so thrilled and walked around the next day telling all of the students she beat me at the game. She has asked to play every day since! Yes! - one way to get them to improve their English skills!
I also received a huge bag of cherries this week from Ildiko, from her cherry trees in her yard. Ohhh, so good.

Week before last I received a box of books from Claudette including Twilight and New Moon, popular books amongst teenagers right now. I am about 2/3 through Twilight and hope to finish it today. I will give the book to a girl in 10E who has already read it in Hungarian and wants to try to read it in English as well.

On Friday as I left for the train to Budapest, a couple of dorm students wanted to know when I would return. When I said sometime late on Monday, they insisted I be back earlier - around dinner time. One of them let slip that there would be a party. So, I am back early and am looking forward to the party and giving the students gifts that I brought back from Alaska.


Becky said...

Oh the party sounds great. Do tell about it!

Claudette said...

It really has been a wonderful year and you have made a real difference. Becky's right, do tell about the party!