Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Party at the Dorm

I had been warned that the students wanted to have a party for me on Monday night at the dorm, but when David called and said they needed me there because there was an emergency, there was an urgency to his voice that actually sounded real! But, when he told me A'gi broke her leg, I was 99% sure there was no emergency other than food to be eaten. And I was right.

There were about 8 students, and they had brought food from home to share including desserts with strawberries, chocolate, fresh cherries and there were even a few cabbage rolls just for me. David put together this traditional plate -- the ham is home-smoked and tasted like the smoked salmon -- just as he had said when he ate the salmon! That is a big hunk of "bacon" by the knife handle -- basically smoked pork fat - and then there is also dill, onions, garlic and lettuce and tomato on the plate. You eat small pieces of a few of the items followed by a bite or two of bread.
They even brought some Hungarian needlework items to decorate the room.

I took the opportunity to present gifts from Alaska to the students. I let them select what they wanted actually from a tub I had.

We had a nice time eating, talking and listening to music. I managed not to cry --- I'm glad this wasn't during the last week, or I would have.

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