Friday, June 5, 2009

Mickey Mouse

With classes winding down, I have needed a fun activity to keep the kids occupied. So, I adapted the "who am I" game for the classes. I wrote numerous names of celebrities, famous Hungarians, footballers, people from history, local teachers, etc., including Harry Potter and Mickey Mouse on pieces of paper. One student came to the front of the class and pulled a name from the bag and the remaining students had to ask yes and no questions and try to figure out what name was on the paper. They asked questions such as it is a man, is he in the movies, is he Hungarian, is he alive, does he play in action movies, etc.

A student pulled Mickey Mouse's name. Someone asked, "Is it a man?" and the student said, "Yes, well, kind of...." and looked to me for assistance. I started to explain that maybe instead of asking if it was a man, the better question was if it was a male. But while I started this explanation, another student asked if it was a woman, and the answer was no. Another student yelled out, "Is it Michael Jackson?"

Funny enough that this happened in one class, but it happened again in another class too!

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Larry said...


You seem to have a great relationship with the kids. It is so sweet to see - and encouraging.

And, I LOVE you new do. Been thinking about one like that for myself!

Bonnie (as in Bonnie and Larry)