Thursday, June 4, 2009

Teacher's Day

Last week sometime was "Teacher's Day" but our school celebrated it today. We had shorter classes and then there was a nice lunch with speeches and entertainment provided by some of the talented musically-inclined students. I still can't get over that they actually serve alcohol - in this case champagne and wine - on school grounds! We also received coupons worth 7000 forints - somewhere around 35 bucks. These coupons can be used at the grocery stores, so are quite useful.

Students also gave teachers candy and flowers. I scored again with three carnations, a box of chocolate covered cherries and a box of "merci" multi-flavored chocolates, (Yes, mom, I shared the chocolates with the students -- I didn't even bring them into the flat.) along with a teacher's diary for next year!! Guess I will have to teach again next year somewhere! I swear, the business to be in here is the flower business. Even in times of recession, everyone is quite generous at giving flowers.

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