Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday, Monday.........

I had three extra classes today, so a total of five. Kind of nice to be kept busy, instead of half packing and unpacking, etc.

After the last class, Ildiko took me to the hairdressers - a different one this time. I brought a photo of a friend with me and told her I wanted my hair cut like her's. So, my hair is vry short but according to some of the students, it's cool. And one student told me I don't look 50 any more, but more like 35! (I think she wants a high grade in my class!)

Mondays I also meet with Krisztie and Anita, so today we went and got a Gyro"s Tal plate to share. (It kind of reminded me of nachos, in that there were french fries on the bottom, topped with seasoned chicken meat, then a little bit of cheese and then a flavored mayo and ketchup squirted all over it!) We had a great time sitting and talking together and it really made me sad as I will miss our weekly chats and laughs. After we ate, they went with me to pick out a big pair of earrings to go with my short hair.

And my day did not end! Card games with 4 students and then scrabble with another. And then Anett from the Dorm came over this evening and gave me a wonderful gift; I just couldn't believe it. It is four square doilies or napkins that she embroidered! I asked her how long it took and she said last summer; about two months of work! There is a beautiful x-stitched blue flower on each one.


C. Staffa said...

OH MY GOD - I LOVE your hair!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I can't believe you're leaving Margie - you're going to miss it so much! Why not sign on for one more semester?!?!?!?!?

JonClark said...

OK, Carla beat me to it, but I love your hair Margie! What a wonderful Monday! It wouldn't be too bad if you did sign on for another semester would it?...Think of the meals we could have.